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Arts and science students learn how to "see" together

Two articles came out in the past two weeks that both look at merging arts and science learning. In The Guardian: Art Students Find Inspiration in the Lab is about Westminster University arts and science students who are together studying data, truth and beauty. 

I would never normally have this opportunity to, for want of a better word, 'play' in a laboratory and use these different mediums to make art," says media student Kitty Edwards, standing behind a row of petri dishes labelled, "ear", "forehead", "chin" and "inside Robbie's nose". You start to think about it all in a different way.

 At Bowdoin College in New England, Professor Barbara Putnam, the current Coastal Studies Artist in residence, is teaching "Drawing on Science". The article from the college paper, Student Art Show Draws on Science for Inspiration, discusses how Putnam encourages her students to develop their perception is through practice.

If something is written on my headstone, it will be, “She made them look." It’s so important in science; it’s so important in art.


Aileen Penner

I am a writer, poet and science communications specialist. I also curate art-science collaborations.