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The Poetry of Science Dec 14/12 Performance & Party

Come out and see what wonderful things happen when five scientists get together with five poets to create new poetic works. One poet notes, "I have at least three years worth of material from this one workshop and many more ideas on future collaborations!"

December 14, 2012 > Doors at 6:30PM, readings at 7:30 PM Facebook RSVP
Welcome by Vancouver's Poet Laureate Evelyn Lau at 7:30 PM

This kind of meeting of science and poetics is something that needs to be ongoing, and might in some ways be the most important human project on the table. I do not exaggerate. In terms of the environmental crisis, we might be dying from a lack of interaction between our best poetic impulses and our best scientific ones.
                   -- Wayde Compton, Director, SFU's The Writer's Studio


Aileen Penner

I am a writer, poet and science communications specialist. I also curate art-science collaborations.