Writing Communications Consulting

Using a reliable and talented freelance writer will help free up your resources to work on other projects, and will help you focus on what you do best. I can help you with the following:

  • turning your science paper into a story for print or online
  • strategizing on how best to create a campaign around your latest scientific research
  • business letters, memos and briefing notes
  • annual reports (internal and external)
  • press releases
  • media advisories
  • backgrounders and fact sheets
  • copy for brochures, posters, campaigns and strategic plans
  • media and event planning
  • article writing
  • editing and proofreading
  • newsletters (print or electronic)
  • blogging

Art-Science Projects

I foster innovation and greater cultural understanding by working at the intersection of art, science and technology. I am interested in working with scientists and engineers who are looking to collaborate with writers, poets, composers, visual artists, musicians and other creative practitioners on a particular subject matter. You could be any of the following:

  • a forestry scientist seeking collaboration with writers to tell the story of a 200-year-old old-growth research site
  • a sculptor who wants to work with a marine biologist to tell the climate change story of our warming oceans 
  • a visual artist looking to work with an oceanographer on the loss of coral species 

 All three of these are real collaborations that produced inspiring results. Please get in touch with me to find out what we can create together.

"Write Main Street" 
In this one-day workshop, we take Main Street as our character and delve into the craft of place-based writing. We explore the street with all our senses. We learn about some of the incredible places that make up the past and present of Vancouver’s Main Street, investigating sites such as the Ashnola Apartments, Heritage Hall, the Lee Building and others. Using place as our inspiration we craft stories, poems and essays. Students should come prepared for an hour of walking and recording, and an hour of writing.

Workshops and Courses

"The Poetry of Science / The Science of Poetry"
This workshop pairs artists and scientists to explore a subject of equal interest. The results of each collaboration are presented in a public space to provoke a larger discussion of what can be achieved by combining two traditionally opposed subjects, poetry and science. More >

"Environmental Creative Writing & Eco-Poetry" (co-taught with Eilis Carpentier)
This course is designed for creative writers of all levels. Part discussion, part workshop, we explore how the power of great writing dedicated to the natural world has the power to save that world. Students will work practically through exercises and critiques of each other's work. We will examine the work of authors and poets who address environmental issues, and we will develop our own ways of effectively translating the environmental crises surrounding us.

Why Work With Me? 
Here is what some of my clients say:

Aileen has exceeded my expectations by thoroughly understanding and articulating my message. She has effectively and succinctly written marketing material for my art business, in a timely and creative manner. I highly recommend Aileen!
— Dan Cento, Artist & Photographer / dancento.com

I worked closely with Aileen when we were on the organizing team for the 2010 Microgrid Symposium held in Vancouver. Aileen did an excellent job supporting the delegate tour to BCIT and in helping the event run smoothly. She was a key link between BCIT and BC Hydro in communicating our shared goals for the Microgrid Project. I hope to work with her on future projects.
— Clay Howie, Research Head, BCIT

THANK YOU Aileen for being the key player in organizing our ‘Revenge Of The Electric Car’ movie event. Your enthusiasm and motivation in identifying and delivering all the key components in running the event resulted in it’s huge success.

We believe your professionalism and strong communication skills has raised our association’s reputation with stakeholders. And we were impressed with your extensive rolodex of key contacts as well as your effectiveness in connecting with OEMs, crown corporations, VEVA members, media and the public.

To top it off, the event was delivered on time and on budget. It has been a joy to work with you and we look forward to having you on board again in the near future.
— Vincent Law, MAIBC President, Vancouver Electric Vehicle Association / veva.ca